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Why work with Hot Jobs Alert?

Don’t become a job post among hundreds with a large recruiting firm, and get sent candidates you have no idea why they were sent or ones you could have found yourself. At Hot Jobs Alert, we have always been a small boutique recruiting firm, we treat your job openings like they are open positions in our own company. We customize a recruiting plan for your needs and work with you closely. You have access to us beyond normal business hours.

We take you and your job vacancies seriously, we literally hand pick candidates per your job opening and work environment. So, no wasted time going through resumes that don’t fit your job opening.

Hot Jobs Alert takes the time to sit down with each and every client and go over their job opening. We get a good understanding on the type of candidates you are looking for. In return we are able to share more information with the candidate so they get a better understanding about the position they are being submitted for. In most cases this will result in more placements resulting in a positive experience for both the hiring company and candidate.

Remember Jerry Maguire? “Fewer clients, more attention.”

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How long has Hot Jobs Alert been around? And what verticals do you work in?

Since 2010 Hot Jobs Alert has been recruiting in these verticals: Ad Tech, Dating, Online Entertainment, Gaming, IGaming, Digital Marketing, and Fintech Industries.

We have a good grasp on these industries and have a good understanding on the type of candidates you are looking for. And also, which ones that will be most successful for your current openings.

We’ve spent over a decade cultivating relationships within these verticals and candidates that work within them.

What sets Hot Jobs Alert apart from other recruiting firms?

We focus on specific verticals; we are able to hyper-focus on these markets. Unlike your normal recruiter, we have attended throughout the years many Industries related conferences in the U.S., Europe, South America and Canada. We have become well known and have built strong relationships; we know these markets well!

Why would we need Hot Jobs Alert, when we have a in house recruiter?

Where some in house recruiters place ads for potential candidates. We use our current data base of 100’s of candidates we have cultivated of the years. Also, we look at “passive” candidates that might not be currently “looking” and bring those to the forefront as well.

We have joined up with many in-house recruiters to assist them in filling positions. What we bring to the table is that we “eat, breathe and sleep” these specific verticals for over a decade, so we are able to bring industry related candidates to the pool of applicants that might have been missed by your recruiter for your open roles.

What are our terms?

We pride ourselves on keeping our fee’s very competitive in the marketplace. Our contingency plan rate is one of the most competitive in the industry, and comes with a 90-day guarantee.

We also work on a Retainer and Contract basis. Hot Jobs Alert can customize a recruiting plan to fit your needs if needed.


For more info on our rates. Please send me an email.