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Our Framework

Hot Jobs Alert has been assisting online companies with their candidate searches since 2010, in the following verticals, Ad Tech, Dating, Online Entertainment, Gaming, IGaming, Digital Marketing, and Fintech Industries.

Hot Jobs Alert has worked with all sizes of companies, from start-ups to large established companies. Filling openings in Marketing, Sales, Tech and Admin.

Candidates we Offer

We pride ourselves in being able to offer our hiring companies a diverse range of candidates. Including passive candidates, which you would normally not have access to by just placing an ad or posting your job opening on social media.  

Full Recruitment Cycle

Hot Jobs Alert can offer your company a full recruitment life cycle experience. 

Chemistry is Important

We believe in there’s a chemistry that goes along with placing long term candidates. Its more than just having the qualifications for the open role. Its insuring there is a match the goes beyond the job description, company culture is a big component in keeping your new hire happy and retaining them for long term employment as well.

Our Responsibility

Hot Jobs Alert will take on this responsibility before you interview chosen candidates to ensure the right candidates are getting in front of you, which is a time saver for your company through the interviewing process. 

Our Scope

We currently work with companies and candidates from 3 continents, North America, South America and Europe.