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Oath to Our Candidates:

Your Confidentiality is Our Priority …

The Candidate Process:

Understanding your career goals

Our first contact, we want to thoroughly understand your career aspirations, and find how you define your next great opportunity so we can contact you when that opportunity comes along!

Online Communication

The greatest advantage of working with a hands-on recruiter is that we take the time to understand you on a deeper level — which helps us make the best match for you with hiring companies. This also enables us to encourage our employers to give your candidacy a closer look!

References and screening

Our Employers tend to have faith in our candidates more. It’s because we do due diligence, checking professional references and also validating technical skills if necessary.

Interview preparation

Our interviewees make a better first impression because they will have a good understanding of the people they will be interviewing with. We provide a comprehensive employer insight and coaching to help you succeed!

Career guidance

Part of success is continually growing in your career. We assist you by delivering feedback from your new employer to you on how you are progressing in your new role!

Q and A:

What types of positions does Hot Jobs Alert fill?

We have been filling positions from Marketing, Sales, Admin and Tech positions in the Ad Tech, Dating, Online Entertainment, Gaming, IGaming, Digital Marketing, and Fintech Industries.

Is there a charge to candidates for using Hot Jobs Alert for their job search?

No, it is absolutely free for the candidate, only thing we ask in return is to refer any friends that might be looking to make a career change.

Will Hot Jobs Alert keep my job search and resume confidential?

Yes, most definitely, we have built our reputation on being confidential! Rest assured your information is kept confidential. We will discuss on how you want your information shared with potential employers.

What geographically areas do Hot Jobs Alert works in?

We have been placing in U.S, Canada and Europe. Inhouse, Hybrid and Remote positions.