Sales Manager, In House, Toronto, Canadians Only Full Time

Sales Manager, North American Markets

The Sales Manager, North American Markets accomplishes revenue growth through the sale of virtual currencies, digital goods and subscriptions; the pricing, marketing and promotion of sales products; ongoing research and competitive analysis;

The Sales Manager, North American Markets is responsible for overseeing the sales of virtual currencies and subscription products; strategies for revenue growth in North America; promotion of content to a North American audience; requirements for the acquisition of new customers; retention and lifetime value of North American customers;

Key Duties

  • Increases the lifetime value of North American customers by analyzing usage trends anddeveloping and overseeing strategies to increase their engagement, longevity and customer

    value; loyalty, achievement and rewards programs.

  • Increases North American sales of virtual currencies and subscription products by settingpricing, optimizing sales funnels, establishing promotions and influencing user experience.
  • Enhances the quality of the product for North American consumers by analyzing both on-sitedata and off-site industry data and communicating content-market match effectiveness to the rest of the organization; algorithmic and editorial decisions.

    Other Duties

  • Determines quarterly sales targets by analyzing past performance by region, forecasting anddeveloping sales targets based on expected sales volumes.
  • Meets marketing and sales financial objectives by forecasting requirements, preparing a budget,monitoring expenditures and revenues and adjusting accordingly.
  • Increases new North American customers by analyzing traffic and conversion data and settingrequirements for the optimization of sales funnels and new customer experience.
  • Increases North American sales by creating a promotional strategy of seasonal and periodicsales, promotions and special events that are both profitable and effective.
  • Improves traffic quality by giving feedback to the traffic teams about the customer value ofdifferent traffic segments and sources.
  • Documents content demand in the North American market by monitoring both on-site data andoff-site industry data and describes these findings by market segment and content niche.
  • Creates monthly sales reports about the North American market that outline virtual currencysales, subscription sales, new customer conversion and lifetime customer value trends.
  • Creates new opportunities by creating a network of industry contacts and developingopportunities for traffic, content, product and sales partnerships.
  • Updates job knowledge and qualifications by participating in job training, reading professionalpublications, maintaining professional networks and attending industry events.
  • Prioritizes opportunities by setting Objectives and Key Results that align with departmentalobjectives, company rocks and yearly company goals.

    Key Results

• Net Revenue in North America

  • ARPU in North America
  • Customer Conversion Rate in North AmericaOwned Costs
  • North American Traffic Acquisition
  • North American Marketing & Promotions
  • Creative Services
  • Development ServicesQualifications
  • E-commerce and internet sales
  • Traffic acquisition
  • Sales funnel optimization
  • Product pricing and promotions
  • Customer loyalty and retention
  • Data analysis

Job Overview

  • Date Posted: Posted 2 weeks ago
  • Expiration date: 2 de July de 2019
  • Location: Toronto
  • Job Title: Sales Manager, In House, Toronto, Canadians Only
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