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Content Manager, Toronto Canada, In House Position

The Content Manager, North American Recruitment accomplishes revenue growth through the recruitment of new performers; the recruitment and account management of studios; the management of the CAM Studio; planning and participation in North American events; ongoing research and competitive analysis;

The Content Manager, North American Recruitment is responsible for performer recruitment; studio recruitment; performer and studio on boarding support; growth of North American content sales; intelligent recruitment of North American content through matching supply and demand;

Key Duties

  • Accomplishes performer recruiting goals by establishing a recruitment plan including theoversight of on-site funnels, paid and earned media, events, headhunting, partnerships and

    trade promotion

  • Accomplishes studio recruiting goals by maintaining a database of leads, engaging new studios,maintaining relationships with existing studios, distributing promotional materials, gathering feedback, partnering with content studios and building the profile of the company with North American studios
  • Plans performer and studio focused industry events and trade shows that attract new performers, allow us to promote core performers and strengthen brand and messaging within the industry.Other Duties
  • Determines quarterly recruitment and studio management targets by analyzing pastperformance by region, forecasting and developing sales targets based on expected recruitment


  • Meets recruitment objectives by forecasting requirements, preparing a budget, monitoringexpenditures and revenues and adjusting accordingly.
  • Increases new North American performers by analyzing traffic and conversion data and settingrequirements for the optimization of on boarding funnels and new performer experience.
  • Accomplishes requirements set by regional sales for performer recruiting and performerdevelopment by monitoring both on-site data and off-site industry data and adjusts strategies

    based on the demand for content by niche and segment

  • Manages a recruitment team who onboard new performer leads, maintain relationships withexisting performers and execute the recruitment strategies and objectives.
  • Manages a studio management team who onboard new studio leads, maintain relationshipswith existing studios, arrange visits and events with studios, distribute branded swag and gifts

    and maximize the retention of studio partners.

  • Expands the CAM Program’s House strategy by identifying opportunities for CAM Program’s House locations androadshows and establishes strategies, identifies required resources, sets objectives and goals

    and oversees the operations of CAM Program’s Houses in North America.

  • Creates monthly activity reports about North American content that outline recruitment results,studio earnings, studio activities, new studio conversion and lifetime studio value trends.
  • Updates job knowledge and qualifications by participating in job training, reading professional publications, maintaining professional networks and attending industry events.
  • Prioritizes opportunities by setting Objectives and Key Results that align with departmental objectives, company rocks and yearly company goals.Key Results
  • Gross Performer Earnings in North America
  • Hours of Content Created in North America
  • Monthly New Performers in North America
  • Average Studio Earnings in North AmericaOwned Costs
  • North American Recruiting
  • North American Events
  • North American Studio Marketing & Promotions
  • North Performer Studio Marketing & Promotions
  • North American Bonus ProgramQualifications
  • Content marketing
  • Recruitment
  • Account management
  • Event management
  • Data analysis

Job Overview

  • Date Posted: Posted 1 month ago
  • Expiration date: 23 de August de 2019
  • Location: Toronto, Canada
  • Job Title: Content Manager, In House
  • Salary: $65K -
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