Why use HotJobsAlert?

  • You don't have enough time to recruit the open position.
  • You have had trouble filling the job for some time now.
  • You have seen high turnover rates for the position and seek expert help.
  • You  have posted the position and have not received the response they desire.
  • You do not have internal HR and would rather outsource hiring than do it internally.

Why HotJobsAlert.com vs. other Hiring Sources?

  • We keep our costs low and pass the along to our Employers by offering below marketing recruiting costs
  • Employers can recruit on “stealth-mode”, employer’s identity can be held confidential up until the interview point
  • Candidate vetting is done on all candidates before the employer starts the interview process
  • We can offer pre-interview questions and testing of candidates to assist in the process of sending to you the most qualified candidates
  • Employers have access to video summaries of their chosen candidates pre-interview stage
  • Our reach for candidates is globally, we can offer candidates worldwide.
  • We work in your vertical, our inventory of qualified candidates are much higher than other recruiting sources
  • Unlike most Recruiters, we attend conferences worldwide to meet our clients and potential candidates
  • Having a pronounced presence in social media, we are constantly updating our candidate list and getting the word out on your opening

A Brief History of Hot Jobs Alert

Eddie’s a veteran of the online industry. Working in the industry for over 12 years, most recently heading up the Business Development at DatingGold.

Eddie is returning back to his first love HotJobsAlert (aka XIndustryJobs) which he ran successfully for 8 years.