Pricing Options for Employers

Retained Fee Structure - This is when you pay ⅓  of the fee to HotJobsAlert upfront for our services. Normally retained agreements gives HotJobsAlert exclusive access to your open listing.
  • Advantage of a Retained Structured fee: when you pay for our services upfront, your opening(s) are set as a priority. Also when on retainer,  you are paying for expertise and important hiring insight.
  • The employer also gets a longer guarantee on the new hire.
  • A discounted fee  and ⅓ of it is paid up front.
Contingency Fee Structure - Contingency agreements are entirely performance based and you don't pay for our services until we successfully recruit an employee for your company. This is a percentage of the employee's first year compensation package. Note, our rate is anywhere from 5% to 15% less than the average recruitment fee.