Eddie Kreider

Hometown is Chicago, but currently calling Sacramento, California home with his two companions, his rescue pups, Herzl and Cosmo.

He enjoys, exploring new cities, coffee in the morning and dragging himself to the gym in the evenings.

Eddie, comes from a large family of 9 siblings, being the youngest child,he carries a lot of the traits.

"They show love by showing up", " When it comes to the big things, they’re unstoppable", "Entitled to nothing, not even a seat at the dinner table is guaranteed".

His Marketing, PR and Business Development experience is vast. Eddie started working straight out of college for a large fortune 500 consumer marketing company, Cendant, where he worked his way up in ranks to a VP level. Getting an offer he couldn’t pass up, he headed west and started working for a startup, GetSmart in the early 2000”s in Silicon Valley. This experience is what led him to the love the challenges and fast pace of startups and web based companies.

Dedication, Tenacity and Driven describes Eddie’s working formula for success.

Robert Merdock's Bio

Robert began his career in working in TV and Radio media buying for a small boutique Media Buying service handling some very large clients. "We were staffed some of the brightest talents in the media buying world" Robert said.

He swiftly moved up the ranks by harnessing the power of technology to speed up the laborious buying process through automation.

From there he went into Media Sales for one of the larger television networks in Canada. 

From television he moved into Magazine Publishing and Online advertising. He work for the largest magazine publishing company in Canada with over 45 titles. In this role he was in charge of all Production, Design and Internet advertising. Robert worked to stay ahead of the curve on developing B2B Ad Networks and Digital products leveraging the power of OpenX and Double-Click for Publishers when they were still newer technologies.

Later he worked for a few high volume publishers in Ad Operations while improving yield optimization. Robert always pushed for the advancement of platform and the refinement of the business processes within the organization.

Robert worked as a General Manager for another Ad Network he managed operations for the launch of a new Viewable CPM platform.

Robert left Ad Operations to focus on Business Development "This was always an area I was involved in but not exclusively. I knew it was necessary to build on this skill set to take my career to the next level".

Robert approached Eddie with his newly retooled skill set with a plan to build the best boutique recruitment firm they can.

"With a good teams not the size of the organization that determines output." Robert says. "Its also important to launch and not wait for perfection. Serving our Clients we will learn more on the job and retool and refined our business as we go" Robert added.

Robert Merdock lives in the Greater Toronto Area.


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